Hello fellow monster breeders and survival enthusiasts! We're back with thrilling news that is sure to get your hearts pounding and your imaginations running wild. The latest release of Adventurous Monster Breeder is here, and it's jam-packed with an array of brand-new features that will revolutionize the way you experience our open-world breeding simulation survival game. Let's dive right in and explore what's waiting for you in this exhilarating update!

The Power of Interaction:

We know how crucial interaction is in creating a truly immersive gaming experience, and that's why we've introduced our cutting-edge Interactable System. With this system, you can now engage with the world around you like never before. Whether it's claiming slots, affecting your monster's status, attributes, or needs, the world is your playground, and every action you take has a real impact.

Creature Comforts:

Introducing the all-new Interactable Prop Bed and Bunk Bed, where your monsters can rest and recharge for their next adventure. But that's not all – the Interactable Prop Oven and Fridge bring a touch of realism to the gameplay, allowing you to cook up delectable dishes and keep your creatures well-fed.

Stats, Needs, and Attributes:

We believe in depth and diversity, and that's why we've expanded our roster of classes to include the Stats, Needs, and Attributes. Customize your monsters to suit your playstyle and watch them grow and evolve based on your choices.

AI Evolution:

Our AI has undergone significant enhancements, boasting a basic routine that includes sleeping, eating, and drinking. Your monsters are now more lifelike than ever, making the open world feel truly dynamic and engaging.

UI Delights:

We've given our user interface some much-needed love, with an improved Needs UI that ensures you're always informed about the well-being of your creatures. The all-new Tutorial Menu will guide you through the intricacies of the game, making it perfect for new players and seasoned breeders alike.

Map Mastery:

With our new partitioned open world, you'll explore the captivating Grassland Map, complete with a minimap and dynamic map icons. Navigating through the game has never been this intuitive and visually appealing.

Rejuvenation and Sustenance:

As a monster breeder, you know the importance of maintaining your creatures' energy and hunger levels. With the introduction of the Sleeping Routine, you can now let your monsters rest and replenish their energy. The new Gain types – Flat, pHr, Max, and percentage – allow for even more nuanced strategies.

Tutorial Menu:

One of the new features of this update is the all-new Tutorial Menu. It serves as your gateway to understanding the game's mechanics, offering step-by-step lessons on everything from creature care to world exploration. Whether you're just starting your monster-breeding journey or looking to master advanced gameplay strategies, the Tutorial Menu has something for everyone.

This update is more than just a patch – it's a transformation. We're dedicated to providing you with an immersive, vibrant, and evolving world in Adventurous Monster Breeder, and we believe this release is a giant leap toward achieving that goal. As always, your feedback is invaluable to us. Share your thoughts, experiences, and suggestions, and let's continue to shape the future of this incredible game together.

Ready to dive into the world of breeding, survival, and exploration like never before? Update your game now and embark on a thrilling journey with your monsters. Adventure awaits, breeders!

Stay tuned for more updates. Happy breeding and surviving!



Interactable System

  • Introduced the Interactable System to enable interactive elements within the game world.

Interactable Slot Subsystem

  • Added the Interactable Slot Subsystem, allowing objects to be slotted and interacted with.

Slot Claiming

  • Implemented Slot Claiming functionality, enabling players to reserve slots for interactions.

Interactable Effects

  • Enhanced Interactables to affect in-game status, attributes, or needs.

Interactable Props

  • Introduced various interactable props:
  • Interactable Prop Bed
  • Interactable Prop Bunk Bed
  • Interactable Prop Oven
  • Interactable Prop Fridge

New Interactable Stat Classes

  • Added new classes for tracking statistics, needs, and attributes.

New Interaction Classes

  • Included new interaction classes:
  • Sleep
  • Eat
  • Drink

New Gain Types

  • Introduced various gain types:
  • Flat
  • Per Hour (pHr)
  • Maximum (Max)
  • Percentage

Dynamic Interaction Animation

  • Implemented dynamic animations for interactions, enhancing immersion.

AI Task Schedule (Work in Progress)

  • Work-in-progress AI task scheduling system to enhance AI behavior.

AI Basic Routine

  • Added a basic routine for AI characters to follow.

AI Interactions

  • Enabled AI characters to sleep, eat, and drink, improving their realism.

NPC Manager Enhancements

  • Introduced density and homogeneity options for NPC management.

Interactable UI

  • Added a user interface for interactable objects to improve user experience.

Tutorial Menu

  • Included a tutorial menu to assist players in understanding game mechanics.

Tutorial Modules

  • Created tutorials for various game aspects, including:
  • Love Tutorial
  • AI Routine Tutorial

Improved Needs UI

  • Enhanced the user interface for tracking character needs.

Player Interactions

  • Players can now:
  • Sleep to replenish energy
  • Drink to replenish hunger
  • Eat to replenish energy

Partitioned Open World

  • Implemented a partitioned open world for optimized performance.

Grassland Map

  • Added a new Grassland Map for players to explore.

Map System

  • Introduced a comprehensive map system to aid in navigation.


  • Included a minimap for improved spatial awareness.

Dynamic Map Icons

  • Added dynamic icons to the map for better in-game information.

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Various bug fixes and performance enhancements to improve the overall gaming experience.