I finished the animations work,  i have retargeted the current animations to the smaller bodies, the art aspect of it won't be perfect, but it's good for now,

After that i noticed some issues, it's not news that the game is very heavy, and with the addition of many new underlying systems it got even heavier, to help on performance i had to work on the world map optimazation, mostly on the city, i was going to make the hLod of the city but my cpu can't handle it, hlod are similar to light baking but for geometries,  i spent almost a week trying to do it, but my computer can't handle it, it needs more RAM and a faster cpu

I won't lie i got lost for a moment thinking about what to do, but then i decided to make a compartmentalized world, basically like skyrim, i still plan to make big maps, but the idea of a big open world map won't work anymore, atleast not untill i get some upgrades, i read big companies have dedicated render farms for this XD

Good news is that this compartmentalized world system is already done, it needed to have data persistence between levels for both player and world states, i could have used a save plugin and make it all in a weekend, but i rather make it by scratch, cause i had issues with plugins in the past, the creator ended the support of one plugin i was using, and by making from scratch it should be easy to have save compatibility between versions.

Speaking about save, on this compartmentalized world i had to set up many save related functions and sub systems, this means save system is coming for build 5.6, for now it won't have save slots function, but i will add it in 5.7

Besides that i improved the npc manager, and other minor things, i think that's all, now i just need a few more days to finish the save system and build 5.6 will finally(for fuck sake) be out.

Also here is a quick video showing the whole idea of a compartmentalized world, you have seem it many times, you just go to a door or a gate and move to another map


Finished animations
No more open world
Save/Load coming for 5.6